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As of July 1, 2012 companies that generate four(4) cubic yards or more of waste per week have to recycle. A company means any commercial or public entity.

The requirement was signed into law which will be designed to promote recycling and diversion of solid waste from landfills by requiring companies to action recycling activities and/or take part in recycling programs.

Wakefield Waste Management has prepared a Commercial Recycling Ordinance to address the conditions for company/commercial properties located in unincorporated local waste management areas. The ordinance describes several alternatives that a company can participate to abide.

What could be recycled will change by company, however, this program targets primarily source separated recyclable materials which can be collected together.

Businesses that self-recycle must action recycling activities and/or take part in recycling programs, certify compliance with all the Commercial Recycling Ordinance and finish and keep on site a Self Recycling kind certifying that all recycling activities will probably be finished in accordance with this particular Ordinance or any pertinent law or regulation.

Following a free comprehensive site audit we are able to present you with a bespoke solution for any waste streams you may make. Our policy of investment and partnership maximises each organisation’s retrieval speed. We make sure that you fulfil your legal and moral obligations including your waste hierarchy requirements through our externally audited process and our team of Account Managers.

We use cutting-edge technology to boost your environmental and fiscal efficacy and supply Carbon Footprint backed recycling amounts including R&D (retrieval and disposal) codes and EWC codes to assist with environmental reporting.

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