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Plastic Waste Recycling Wakefield

Plastic waste recycling is one of the most inventive and straightforward approaches to dealing with the waste that plastics generate. If it weren’t for plastic recycling, the situation with relation to plastic waste would be far worse. As a result, to control waste and reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment, plastic waste recycling is essential. To arrange your own plastic waste recycling with Wakefield Waste, call us on 01924 637 520. 

Professional waste and recycling services are available to clients throughout Wakefield and beyond. Please contact us by calling or filling the quote on the right. It’s never been easier to be environmentally conscious; all it takes is one phone call, and your paper waste will be transformed into something useful. As businesses, we have an obligation to recycle. This is why you can rest assured that your plastic waste will be handled responsibly thanks to our unique and diligent approach of solutions to plastic waste.

What is Plastic Waste Management?

Plastic garbage is discarded plastic that is frequently found in landfills, oceans, and dumpsters. Plastic is an easy-to-manufacture, long-lasting, and low-cost material. Unfortunately, it has a considerable negative influence on the environment. Every year, we discard 12 million metric tons of plastic into the ocean due to our excessive consumption. In fish stomachs and bird nests, plastic pollution degrades into microplastics, which then accumulate in the marine food chain.

Several studies have compared the carbon footprints of plastics with those of alternatives like paper and fabric. In order to reduce plastics’ harm to the environment, it is important to emphasize the importance of plastics waste management. Management of plastic waste encompasses the entire process of recycling and reducing waste. For material recovery and recycling, plastic waste must be separated at the source. There is nothing ideal about plastic waste, and it is even worse when recyclable plastic isn’t recycled.

Plastic Waste Recycling Wakefield

There are various phases to plastic recycling. Most types of recycling facilities follow the same operations, but in some circumstances, individual procedures might be combined or removed. The two most common ways for recycling plastic are mechanical and chemical recycling. Mechanical recycling is the most common method.

Mechanical plastic recycling 

This technique collects plastic from your promises and delivers it to recycling plants. It is graded and split at the plant level. This avoids the mixing of different fiber-based polymers. After sorting, the plastic will be shredded and cleaned to remove contaminants like paper and clips. Contaminants are items that should never be recycled with plastic because they could taint the final product. Finally, it’s melted down into pellets that can be utilized to make a variety of new plastic products.

Chemical plastic recycling 

Plastic is reduced to its original, smaller particles called monomers by a combustion-like process in restricted containers without oxygen. In this method, recycling is pushed to its limits, and plastic that would not be recycled normally (mechanical recycling) is reprocessed into fuels and electricity. 

We are proud to offer zero-landfill waste management services at Waste Company. As part of our Duty of Care commitment, we’ll ensure that none of your waste ends up in landfills. We want to minimise the impact of all types of plastic waste on the environment and future generations, so we are doing everything we can to reduce it.

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