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Glass Waste Recycling Wakefield

Through our glass waste collection and recycling service, you can improve recycling rates and reduce disposal costs. Recycling glass isn’t expensive, time-consuming, or takes up much space. With our assistance, we can sort your glass waste for collection, and transport it to reprocessors to turn it into useful resources. First, we’ll assist you in selecting the appropriate waste container for your mixed and coloured glass. Then we’ll set up a waste pickup schedule that works for you, taking care of everything with minimal downtime. Call us today on 01924 637 520.

Choosing glass waste  recycling instead of landfill disposal is more cost-effective for your business. Furthermore, recycling waste glass boosts your recycling rates, improves your corporate reputation, and reduces your landfill disposal costs. With our services, you also get a complimentary free bin with free, prompt delivery. Call us today. We can be reached on 01924 637 520.

What is Glass Waste Recycling?

Glass can be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality. Recycling glass offers numerous demonstrated environmental benefits, including reduced emissions, energy savings, and raw material use. Recycling the material is also popular because it is a common home component. Glass waste includes everything from broken glass bottles to jars that have been discarded and are ready to be thrown away. Waste glass is another waste product that is produced in large quantities and is difficult to eradicate. The bulk of waste glass, particularly container glass, is collected, remelted, and used to manufacture new glass, as is well known. Glass waste is simple to recycle.

Creating new glass products from recycled glass materials is known as glass recycling. Using this method, used glass must be washed, broken, and melted at the recycling centre. Glass waste recycling is the finest thing since sliced bread, but it comes with its own set of problems. Glass recycling is fraught with difficulties. It can be difficult to identify from other items in single-stream recycling bins, especially if it is not separated early enough in the sorting process. Contamination renders 50% of the glass collected by single-stream recycling unrecyclable, which is unsurprising.

Glass Waste Recycling Wakefield

We use almost entirely recyclable glass. Likewise, the food container in which you store your food is recyclable. Glass jars and condiment containers can also be tossed in the recycling bin. The following is a breakdown of the glass recycling process:

Glass is separated if necessary. Glass recycling typically includes color separation, depending on the end use. It is impossible to remove the color of glass that has been stained using a natural colorant. As a result, colored glass can only be recycled into more colored glass of the same color. Colored glass is first separated into colors for recycling, or it can be recycled and reused as fiberglass or a concrete ingredient if left whole.

The glass waste crushing stage follows the sorting stage. This procedure is designed to make it easier for recycling companies to melt the glass. This is accomplished with the help of a 24-hammer automated recycling station. The machine’s driving shaft rotates erratically, smashing the glass into small fragments. Following this stage, the glass is melted and blown into the necessary forms for glass items such as jars and glass containers.

Recycled glass can also be used in turf, munitions, tiles, and manufactured sand for beaches in need of repair or construction purposes, in addition to containers. Glass can be altered to generate both common and unusual products, such as raw ingredients that can be added to the glass manufacturing process to give it a specific colour or distinctive properties.

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