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Food Waste Management Wakefield

It is critical for your company to dispose of waste in an environmentally sustainable manner. We can assist you. Our experts will analyse your waste streams and come up with the best recycling and disposal options for you. We’ll collaborate closely with you to develop a sustainable food waste recycling and landfill waste disposal diversion strategy that saves money, creates revenue, protects your reputation, and promotes sustainability. Call us on 01924 637 520.

Our food waste management services are available to businesses of all sizes in Wakefield, Yorkshire. Providing cost-effective, dependable, and legally compliant food waste management solutions is what we do. To ensure the best price on your general waste pickups, our waste management services are 100% focused on recycling. The state-of-the-art recycling facility we operate recycles 90% of the waste we collect, and we conduct an extensive waste audit.

What is Food Waste Management?

Food waste management is the means by which food waste is managed. This includes the collection, recycling, and the disposal methods we employ. Agriculture’s impact on climate change and other environmental challenges is largely due to food loss and waste. Food production is resource-intensive, hence wasting or losing food wastes resources and has significant environmental consequences. Because more food reaches the consumer for a given level of resources used, reducing food loss and waste will improve resource use efficiency and cut greenhouse gas emissions per unit of food consumed. 

Furthermore, improperly treated or reclaimed food waste, such as by landfilling, can have a variety of detrimental environmental impacts. Methane produced from landfill gas from digestion of food waste, for instance, is a major greenhouse gas, and food waste contains unreclaimed phosphorus, which means it will have to be mined.The use of less water, less land, and other resources to feed the world’s population is also a significant part of reducing agriculture’s environmental impact by minimizing food waste across the food system. Food waste in the United Kingdom is a topic of environmental and socioeconomic concern that has gotten a lot of media attention and has gotten a lot of different answers from the government. And food waste management is even more crucial.

Food Waste Recycling Wakefield

There are numerous advantages to recycling food waste. Food waste can be composted, which improves soil quality and reduces methane (a potent greenhouse gas) emissions from landfills. It also reduces the amount of landfill that is required in a given region. Furthermore, by reducing the frequency of trash collection, cities and towns can save money. The most popular form of food waste recycling is anaerobic digestion. 

During anaerobic digestion, microorganisms break down organic materials such as food scraps, manure, and sewage sludge in anaerobic digestion. This is accomplished without the need of oxygen. The residue that remains after anaerobic digestion is referred to as “digestate.” Digestate is a moist combination that is usually divided into two parts: solid and liquid. Digestate is nutrient-dense and can be used as a crop fertilizer. Anaerobic digestion of waste food creates biogas and a soil amendment, both of which are valuable goods. Not only can food be used to feed humans and animals, but it can also be utilized to power your automobile or generator. There is growing interest in developing efficient methods for extracting biofuel and bio-products from discarded food.

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