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Battery Recycling Wakefield

Wakefield Waste Management are experts in the collection and safe recycling of types of household batteries.

Wakefield Waste Management favour using recycling routes over landfill. Batteries are a recyclable thing, consequently along with our business partners we use recycling to deal with them. local waste management will collect your wasted batteries and take them to a completely licensed recycling centre, where our business partners use advanced, state of the art equipment and British technology to recycle them.

Batterysafe BS750 Service
The BS750 Batterysafe is ideal for sites with large batteries or a greater than average usage of the smaller batteries. The BS750 can hold amalgamated dry cell batteries or lead acid wet cell batteries, however they must not be combined together. So that both types could be kept until you’re ready for recycling, it might be economical to have two containers. React by filling out our get a quote page. Just set BS750 Batterysafe into the description field and submit it to us and we’ll email your quotation to you personally. The BS750 Batterysafe has a 600 Litre capacity and can hold up to 750 Kgs of assorted batteries. The BS750 is suitable for bigger batteries in the UPS or Back-Up systems for example lead acid or ni-cads.

The BS20 Batterysafe is ideal for offices, schools and small making sites. This service is a one-stop option for the safe storage, transport and recycling of national sort batteries such as those found in the little portable appliances e.g. alkaline, nicad, zinc etc. The container is delivered to site, accumulated when full (with no time limit) and the contents recycled for an all inclusive price, including the consignment note. React by filling out our get a quotation page. Just set batterysafe BS20 into the description field, submit it to us and we’ll email your quotation to you personally. The BS20 has a 20 Litre capacity and can hold up to 50 Kgs of assorted batteries. It is not suitable for larger batteries like lead acid batteries.

Wakefield Waste Management cannot accept lithium cells or button cell type batteries in the above mentioned containers, please contact us for an alternative quote. Where combined (dry and wet cell) batteries have been placed in the BS750 a higher charge will apply to cover additional segregation. All lead wires to be removed from all batteries. Damaged and leaking batteries to be kept in powerful, sealed plastic bags.

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